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Mural Location: Evo Car Share

332 Water Street (alley), Vancouver, B.C.

One of the most enchanting things about being creative is the ability to bring something into this world that did not previously exist.


At the start of the pandemic, I spent a lot of time thinking about how I could contribute in a meaningful way to the world.  I was inspired by the healthcare warriors who were working tirelessly on the medical frontlines to ensure our collective survival.  As a crimefighter myself, my mission to protect the community may look a little different, but my heart is in the trenches with them.  As an artist, I wanted to leverage my creativity to help transform the narrative of this pandemic into one about hope and resilience.


For me, art is about community and connection.  There was truly no better time to create beauty, especially because the world has been hurting so badly.


This mural is a story about unity and empowerment.  I created this piece to pay homage to the league of extraordinary real-life superheroes who have kept the COVID-19 crisis at bay.  There are so many examples of bravery in all pockets of our community: from our healthcare heroes; to our first responders; to our essential front-line workers; and to my fellow artists who have found creative ways to uplift neighborhoods across Vancouver.  We may not get to hear all of their origin stories, but we’ve witnessed their superpowers in action throughout this crisis.


The pandemic has created a shared universe where our superheroes are united in their mission to flatten the curve over Vancouver.  In Latin, IN OMNIA PARATUS means “Ready for Anything”. Three simple words that carry so much meaning, and I believe it defines the hero’s journey that we are all on this year.  It’s a reminder that no one is powerless when we stand together.

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