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Location: Royal Columbian Hospital - Columbia Tower

33 East Columbia Street, New Westminster, B.C.

Six months ago, I had the privilege of working on a new project that was very close to my heart.  I'm so thrilled to finally be able to share my thoughts and inspiration behind this painting.  This piece was created as a gift to the Royal Columbian Hospital (RCH). 


In March 2020, the hospital was designated one of three primary COVID-19 sites in BC.  As such, the hospital's Intensive Care Unit has been at the forefront of the care provided to patients who have become critically ill because of the coronavirus.  I was inspired by the bravery of the RCH staff as they continue to persevere in the face of the pandemic.  

To the COVID Warriors of the Royal Columbian Hospital:


I see your courage, I hear your struggles, and I feel your pain as if it were my own.  As you work selflessly on the medical frontlines against an invisible enemy, my heart is in the trenches with you.  We are all in this fight together. 


Your fortitude and resilience inspired me to tap into my imagination, to create something that would pay homage to all of your tireless efforts.  And so, this painting is how I convey the depth of my gratitude to you. 


In my eyes, you are not merely healthcare heroes – you are a league of extraordinary Superheroes.  I might not know your individual origin stories, but I see your superpowers in action every single day of this pandemic. 


Being a superhero isn’t easy; but you have continued to persevere in spite of whatever adversity has been thrown your way.  I believe the children who are watching you during this crisis will aspire to become superheroes themselves – the kind that will fight diseases and save lives. 


My goal as an artist has always been to alchemize dark and painful experiences and transform them into something beautiful.  It is a profound honor that you have allowed a piece of my art to have a place in your hospital.  I hope I’ve made you proud.


As we brace ourselves for some uncertain times ahead, I hope this painting will be a visual reminder of what your superpowers have bestowed on humanity.  I hope it will keep you going even in the darkest of nights.  In Latin, “IN OMNIA PARATUS” means “Ready for Anything”.  Three simple words that carry so much meaning for me, and I believe they belong to you. 


Thank you, Healthcare Superheroes, for all that you do.  This painting is dedicated to you, and I stand with you in this fight.  

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